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trendwi.com website delivery

Coinupto.com Our client was in need of a simple website to blog about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Our team not only delivered blog but also recommended an NFT shop. This was accepted and included in our delivery. Trendwi went ahead and provided cryptocurrency indices  that auto-update every minute.

trendwi.com website delivery.

Gradualwins.com Our client was in need of a football prediction website. Our team of experts conducted a competitor analysis in the gambling industry and came out with a unique version of prediction site. Very swift design. The navigation is simple and the pages are relevant to the niche in question. Notably, for ease in google ranking, we suggested a blog page. Today, some of the websites keyword rank in page 1. 



internet marketing_trendwi delivery

DLDmentorship.oneOur client, a not-for-profit movement, was in need of a website to enhance the movement’s online presence. Our team of experts settled on an awesome design. The navigation is simple and the pages are relevant to the niche in question.

trendwi.com_website delivery

WritersArc.org This Canadian client working as a writer and editor was in need of professional freelance website to scale his service offering beyond borders. By applying our 3-D approach (Define, Design & Deploy), we were able to deliver a freelance site with three dashboards accessed independently: Admin’s, writer’s & client’s dashboard. Clients register freely but writers must apply and get approve. Our team recommended having a ‘take order’ and ‘assign’ option while managing the writers. Finally, we included internationally acceptable payment gateways like Paypal, PayU, Stripe etc.



Ads Set up

trendwi.com display ad delivered

ILIKETRAFFIC, an internet marketing hub, wanted to have Google and Ezoic  display ads in every page. After studying the web traffic and the site’s user behavior, Trendwi team configured and integrated in-content ads, in-feed ads, and multiplex ads to say the least. To this date, this and many sites earn commission for allowing google to advertise.

SEO Articles/Blog Posts

trendwi.com seo optimized article delivery.

Rubedo.AI After launching a lead generation business, Rubedo Ai team was keen on getting recognized by the search engines. As such, Trendwi came in to offer Search Engine Marketing. This was the real booster. In a period of 5 weeks, Rubedo Ai had gained a 10+ DA. How did we do it? By delivered SE optimized articles and blog posts. Count on us!

Press Kits/Brochures...

trendwi.com press kit delivery

BodyRockerMusic, based in London, England, invented a New Anthem for the  England Football team. In the quest to make the anthem go viral across England,  Trendwi was tasked with doing press releases and email copies to create stead awareness. A month later, the anthem caught the attention of FA officials. We are not mean, you can listen to the anthem, here. We dubbed this campaign  Come On England!

trendwi.com flyer delivery

CushyAdventures254, a tour agent based in East & Central Africa, ordered an events calendar for 2023 hiking activities. Trendwi delivered a 7-page events calendar or flyers. We employed creativity to craft the backgrounds while maintaining the theme colors of the agency. (the attached is just a tip of an  iceberg).



Email campaigns

trendwi.com email copy delivery

Emails must be crafted in a way that they will not land in spam box or get flagged. In order to have your campaign emails land the primary box, specific word counts and paragraphing must be followed. Using our email marketing tool and software, we deliver to the receivers inbox. This campaign was for BodyRockerMusic

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